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Publié le 26 December 2009

Following our announcement in a previous article, the official launching of the LIANE 2 (high service level bus line) is expected by the 11th january 2010, a date still to be confirmed. They only speak about "mid january" in the documents destined for the public.

Since the middle of the month of December, Transpole has started the communication through sheets spread at different locations. A full documentation is about to be sent to the mailboxes of everyone who is leaving in the affected area.

This second high service level bus line will serve (among others) the following stops :

  • Departure from Loos les Oliveaux (current terminus of line 51)
  • Stop at every stop around the CHR (hospital) and Eurasante (including terminus of the 1st line of the subway)
  • Terminus at Wattignies Cimetery (current terminus of Line 51)

LIANE 2 will mix a part of the current itinerary of line 51 and the one of line 13.

The startup of this new line in the bus network will be followed by the change of the itinerary of several lines that already exist and whose path would have been partly the same. We are talking about line 13, 51, 55 and 58.

Those modifications will be the following ones :


  • Direct route between subway CHR B Calmette stop and "Happe qui peut" bus stop. This route will pass through the dedicated bus lanes we were talking about in a previous article.
  • Suppression of the bend through Wattignies between bus stops Salengro and Gounod. The timesaving is estimated to around 4 minutes.
  • Modified route in the business park of Seclin. The goal is to adapt to the new location of the biggest companies.
  • New terminus at the Hospital of Seclin (replaces the oldest one at Seclin les Euwis)

The new route :


This is a busy line, which has been changed one year ago into a "LIANE like" : double buses, high frequence. The goal was to wait until the arrival of the LIANE 2, which was first expected by the month of September 2008. Here are the main changes on this line.

  • Loos is not served any more (replaced by LIANE 2)
  • New terminus at Porte des Postes. This reinforces the role of Porte des Postes as a central point.
  • Terminus at Wattignies Blum and Wattignies Marais.

The new route of line 51, which enters the city center of Wattignies, will give the way to a simplification of the route of line 55, which is currently suboptimal, due to the loop at Wattignies which leads to a loss of time. This kind of loop on a bus line, which deviates it from its core route, should be avoided as much as possible.

The new route :


  • No more bend through Wattignies. Direct route towards Templemars.

Moreover this line 55 takes a good part of the future tramway line that will start from Seclin to Lille and then continue North towards Comines at the Belgium boundary.


Just a few modifications for this line.

All the details are available on the website of Transpole

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